Shipping Policy and Insurance
  - Does Not Apply to Local Deliveries

Our Extra Insurance options Guarantees (in the event of freight damage) the fast processing of your replacement without waiting for the Decision on the Claim from the Freight Company.

  1. At it's lease Value it keeps you from having to wait for a claim to process.
  2. At it greatest Value, you still get a replacement piece, even if your claim gets denied.

We Always Recommend that get insurance: Although it's true that some furniture has very little chance of getting damaged, where other furniture may be very fragile. There is no furniture that has absolutely no chance of getting damaged. In our 15 years shipping around the country we've seen it all. Freight just getting lost, and sometimes they actually do fall off the Truck, in a few cases right in front of the customer, while being unloaded.

We do always recommend the insurance, as there's nothing worse then buying top dollar Furniture, and then receiving what could amounts to very expensive firewood.

For us to Ship; Your furniture to you outside the Houston and nearby surrounding areas. You must either get the Extra Insurance or Assume the risk of letting your Furniture rest solely in the hands of the Freight company, leaving us without any type of liability or obligation in the event of damages. So here are your options below, if wanting to place an order that is to be shipped.

Yes; I want the insurance @ 10% of the order total. I understand I'm still responsible to make note of any damages upon delivery of my order with the driver.

-To keep this Extra Insurance; Simply Checkout, it's automatically checked, as it's highly Recommended when shipping Fine Furniture by Freight.

No; I do not want the insurance and in the event of a claim, I am willing to wait for my claim to process through the freight company, and if there is no replacement available, I will accept whatever reimbursement the Freight Company offers, leaving without  liability.

-To waive insurance; remove the check from the Shipping Insurance Check-Box at the bottom of our payment options page. The "10% Insurance Fee" will then be removed from your shopping cart.

If you do not want to pay the 10% for the Extra Insurance, nor do you want to Accept the liability of any potential losses from damages during shipping, that may not be covered by the Freight Company. Simply Do Not Place An Order with Us!

Make Sure Your Covered.

You may Waive your Extra Insurance; this does not mean you will absolutely not get a replacement or any type of refund if no replacement option is available. As there is the basic coverage provided by the Freight company, but that only covers you, when it is determined by the Freight Company that they themselves are at fault for the damages. And if there is a loop hole, 80% of the time they jump through it to avoid paying the claim.

Without the Extra Insurance; you will have to wait for the decision from the Freight Company, as to their liability, before a replacement piece will be shipped. In other words, your Replacement won't ship until the Freight Company Pays the Claim. When they do pay any claim, they will only cover the cost of the item, and the cost to re-ship the item, nothing extra, no fees of penalties, you may have suffered if you are a Home designer, and/or you have installers/movers, or anyone else you may have hired or waiting for your shipment. 

We Strongly Suggest; that you protect your Furniture shipment, and allow us to assume the Risk of Shipping the Furniture. As when you purchase the Extra Insurance, you are paying for us to assume all the risk and responsibility for the shipment until it arrives and is unloaded at your home or place of Business in excellent condition. But remember we do still ask that you be our eyes on that end and fully inspect, and if necessary refuse any damaged portions of the shipment.

With the Extra Insurance coverage, as as long as you make a note of the damages and/or at least noted the concern for potential damages, (if unable to fully inspect at that time) and do so directly on the Delivery Ticket (provided by the Driver for Proof of Delivery). We will immediately write up a new order for the replacement of the damage pieces, and get them shipped out to you A.S.A.P.! Just as if, you had placed a new order. "No Waiting for the Claim Process" you will receive an immediate remedy to the situation.

Please Note; even when getting the extra insurance, we do still require you to inspect your shipment at the time of delivery and "Refuse Delivery" on any Portion of your order that arrives damaged. When and if signing for your shipment without noting any damages or expectation and/or potential for damages because the condition of the boxes, if and when they appear slightly squashed, dented or if not arriving tightly shrink rapped and centered on a skid or pallet. We have over 15 years experience shipping furniture around the country, and we know how to pack your shipment up right to minimize the chance of damages during shipping, and only very rarely have to process a claim, therefore we do not have any staff designated to process claims. And a simple inspection and/or a simple mention of the condition of your shipment if not perfect at the time of arrival, can avoid getting a claim for damages processed quickly.

Our Involvement within the Claim Process; If your order becomes damaged during shipping, we will as a courtesy help you or even file your Claim for you, to try to get your replacement paid for. With the intentions of offering excellent service after the sale. We will then also process a second order for you, without any extra costs to you. If you choose to waive the Extra Insurance Coverage, this extra service is provided solely as a courtesy, as we try yo provide the very best customer service. Even though we do not profit from providing this assistance, and it does cost a good amount of time and money. As besides the work involved in processing the Claim itself, we are also having to process a second order for you. Whenever we process any order, there are different cost involved to do so, not just the cost of the goods. However when processing a claim, there is no new sale, only the expense of processing one.

So please understand that our willingness to help you with this process, does not mean we willing accept any additional or unexpected expenses or losses. As after your shipment is picked up, it is no longer in our hands, and that we feel we have fulfilled our obligation of providing the furniture you wanted.

Also Note; when we do try to help you with the claim process, please remember that we are trying to help you, and it does already cost us money to do so. So if it takes longer than you expected, please do not blame on us, or expect our personnel should be made available to talk with you about it for long periods, several times a week. We will surely contact you as soon as the claim is completed and paid, and of course your always welcome to call the freight company directly.

So if you do decide to waive the extra insurance, and then your shipment suffers damages, we know it can be frustrating, and so we do want to help you through this process, and when doing so for free, we don't feel it's right, that you blame us and/or continually call to complain or harass our staff, simply to share the aggravation you are feeling, from either an extended wait during the claim to process or if finding out your claim is denied. As we do not have control over either. Remember that our staff are people, too, and that no one wants to be scalded over the phone, especially when they are trying to help you, even though we, nor they are no obligated to.

So please be patient, and do not expect us to break and just decide and send you a replacement at our expense, because we you believe that with enough contact we will tire of such and send one. Especially when the option for the extra coverage and guaranteed peace of mind, of not only no long extended waiting for a replacement, but also no chance of losses, if you didn't notice the damage until after the driver has left.

Again, we strongly suggest the extra coverage to avoid the unexpected delays and maybe even getting stuck with damaged furniture.


45 Furniture Store's Shipping Policy
  - Returns, Claims, & instructions how to receive your merchandise -

With or without the insurance, replacements pieces are the remedy on any order that becomes damaged. In some cases when buying the last of a discontinued item, there may not be any stock left to make a replacement available to you. In this situation does occur, and you did get the Extra Insurance Protection, we will issue a Full Refund of the purchase price, not including the shipping Costs when and if those costs are not recovered via the claim with the Freight company.  Of course, there is is only if you are unable to find suitable 2nd option that you would like us to replace the original discontinued items with.

In the event damage is reported (whether or not we help you with the claim process) and the Claim is then Denied by the Freight Company because of any action, or lack thereof by the customers. If the Freight company claims they were not at Fault for the damages, or that none was reported/noted at time of delivery. Anyone who had decided against and unselected the Extra Insurance option, may not be entitled or receive a Replacement or Reimbursement of any kind.  ...

In Simple Terms; Anyone with a Damage Claim, whom waived the extra insurance (by removing the check from the Extra Insurance option during the checkout process) will assume all Risk and Liability (outside of the basic coverage offered directly by the Freight Company) for any potential damages that may occur to their order during shipping.

Therefore; All Clients Must Agree and Accept that in the event of damages, any reimbursement and/or final obligation of fulfillment on part or the entirety of their claim, rest solely with the Freight Company's Claims Department and that their claim will ultimately be decided by them to whether or not the claim is valid and if it is to be paid by the freight company . Therefore if you refuse the extra coverage offered, you are hereby relieving us of any obligation, Liability and/or the expectation of our company providing any type replacement without additional compensation by either you or the Freight Company. Hence no Request for an immediate Replacement of any items shall be submitted without a payment for that replacement.

Cancellations Will Not Be Accepted: After any order ships, any and all damaged items will be repaired to "Like New" Condition, and/or replaced. In the event an item cannot be repaired and we have no option but to Issue a Refund, because of the lack of availability on that same item) and you have waived the Extra Insurance, The Refund shall total whatever amount is awarded by the Freight Company against your Claim, and that amount will be forwarded to you. In the event this is not satisfactory to you, you do have the option of contacting the Freight Company directly for any further resolution. As we are here to provide Furniture to those whom wish to purchase and we will only ship by your Request.

In the event you notice some boxes banged up, or slightly dinted and/or crushed boxes and the driver does not allow you to fully inspect your shipment, and then he offers that you can "Take it all" or "refuse it all". If you do have concerns that your items may have suffered Damages, this is what you do;

Simply tell the Driver you want the shipment "Held at Dock" or taken back to their Hub for thorough inspection, so that you can contact us and make us aware of the issue. At which point we will contact the Hub and request Photo Documentation of the Condition of your shipment. At which time we decide on the best steps to protect both you and our company from any unnecessary losses.

It's Really important that you inspect your shipment when it arrives, however of for any reason, you are not able to fully inspect, because of time constraints, or maybe receiving shipment just after dark, and you don't feel you have sufficient light to fully inspect, and yet there is some evidence of rough handling or a bumpy ride , and it's noticeable to any degree; here is what you do;

Simply make a note on the bill or ticket (your having to sign as proof of delivery) that reads

It appears a Portion of the shipment may have some damage, however because (whatever reason you are not able to inspect at that time).. I will have to finish fully inspecting the shipment "later / tomorrow / etc.", and I will contact you asap, if any damages are discovered to make you aware of them.

Whatever the reason was that you were not able to inspect it at that time, you should not wait longer than 24 hours, or else you chance of denial we go way up, whether you get the extra insurance or not. As not even our company will want to hear about some damages that you have claimed to found, several weeks after it's been delivered.

We Refuse to Accept Liability on Any Shipment without the extra insurance; when it has been refused or waived by you. Hence; once the Furniture leaves our location and is handed over to the Shipping Company on your behalf (by our Store Policy) we have completed our obligation to the transaction, and are no longer involved in, nor can we be considered liable for anything that can or may occur to your order. Again; AFTER your order has been released from our possession and handed over to the Shipping Company, we have completely fulfilled our portion of the transaction, by providing the Furniture that you paid for to the Freight Company on your behalf. However, whenever you do pay the 10% for the Extra Insurance, you are paying for us to assume the Risk, and we will continue to be responsible for the order until it safely arrives at your door.

When placing an order; and receiving your new Furniture, be sure to read the freight reception guide, attached to your shipment, so you will be aware of any necessary steps you may to take in the event you discover any damages to your shipment that just arrived. Even if you do choose the insurance option.

In the Event a Refund being is offered to you,
- We will only cover the portion of your order that has actually suffered the damage.

For Example; when ordering, lets say a house Full of furniture, and 1 of 2 Lamps (in a set) were damaged, then only the set of Lamps would warrant a Replacement or a refund. We will not Refund your entire order, or accept a cancellation on a damaged shipment, when the majority of your order (not directly related to or are part of a set with the piece(s) that were damaged) and arrived in Good Condition. You would not have to keep (for example) an ottoman that came with a sofa that was damaged, or the chairs to a table that was damaged.

However, you may not under any circumstances refuse your entire shipment, when only a small portion of your order arrives damaged, or if arriving with easily repairable tiny scratches and/or dings.

Legal: All Clients or Potential Clients must agree and understand that they may only hold the parties with possession of their items at the time any such damages have occurred. As 45 Furniture will only pack and ship orders around the country by the direct request of customers that do not wish to arrange their own shipping and/or collect the items that were purchased from us. It will be Noted that we state up front, that when any customer makes a purchase without taking advantage of and purchases the Extra Insurance that we have made available to cover such risks, and that it is impossible for any customer to not be aware of such Coverage, as it's automatically added to their shopping cart during our checkout process, and that it can only be removed directly by the customer, and by the customers choice to do so.

Hence they are aware that without such coverage; we make no claims, promises, warranties and/or guarantees to any merchandise arriving in any assumed condition, or at all, in the event the shipping company looses or severely damages the shipment, and that we only guarantee that the items will be properly packed, and the items will be in perfect condition at the time of departing from our company.

If any customer does not want to risk such situations with the possibility of losses that can occur, they only need to leave the extra insurance coverage, that is pre-selected and placed in their shopping cart, or by re-checking the option, if purposely removed by the customer.

Furthermore that without your intentional selection of either option and along with the acceptance and agreement to our entire store policy, an order can not be submitted. As our Store Policy is "linked to and listed in short" on every page within our site, prompting any potential customer to "Read our Policy before making any purchase", and that any failure to read our policy does not release them from any part or all of our Policy once the agreement to the Policy is accepted by our Shopping Cart Checkout System, that will not accept an order, or allow the customer to proceed without the Agreement to Policy, and when doing so, it will be recognized that a Digital or Click Signature testifying to their agreement of such policy.

And so, they agree to leave us from harm or obligation of any further involvement, whether directly or indirectly, in  any regards as to the fulfillment, condition, location, any such losses, as result of any situation, that may cause them to not receive the products purchased from us. That is of course after the merchandise has left our location. Whether or not the items arrive in the same condition, quantity, or in any type of timely manor or fashion.

And that any attempt to hold us responsible, and/or any attempts force a refund not owed to them by us, and that in in doing so, causes our company monetary losses, on orders that have already been signed for by any any party agreed to by the customer, whether it is themselves, a friend, family member, Shipping Company, Courier or Moving Company, or any entity they requested that we release their order to, no matter whom contacts and arranges the shipping or picking up of their order. As we will only do so on the Customer's behalf and only by their request.

So any losses suffered by us and/or further losses suffered because of said losses, whether from canceling of checks, regularly scheduled payments, the canceling or charging back of a credit card transaction, failure to deposit funds on a prepaid card (that was scheduled and provided to make payments), the lack of sufficient funds at the time of a scheduled bank draft or withdraw, any Bad press or reviews, based around anything that may have occurred outside of our direct control, especially after an order is no longer within our possession, or any situations not directly caused by us.

Further more; if we are indeed caused these or any type of losses in anyway, for any reason or form, whether monetarily, or via our reputation, that directly cause a loss or significant drop in business and/or our ability to conduct business, where the situation that has occurred was not fully or at least in part the result of any direct wrong doing by our company, by the lack of meeting our responsibilities to any transaction or any direct negligence on our part. Therefore; if we are caused harm because of misplaced anger, distress, inpatients, dissatisfaction or false sense of obligations by us, when none were issued, implied, offered or promised by us.

Such as product damages, shipping delays, missing or undelivered products (after tracking number is available) and/or any other possible situation or scenarios where we were falsely accused, or have been blamed, or that the liability unjustly placed on us,  where we were not and are not directly responsible for,

Hence any attacks, on or company whether of because real issues or even in jest, will not be tolerated and will be met with Civil and/or Criminal Charges.

We have had to recoup our funds this way before, and will do so again, if we have fully met our obligations, and the items we provided have not been paid for in full or the payment has been retracted by whatever means.